Moisturizing straightened hair


I’ve been carrying my hair relatively straight for most of the week: I achieved this by first roller setting my hair and then wrapping it. Please see my last wash day for more details.
At the beginning of this month, I made a personal decision to moisturize my hair every day but I was a little bit clueless on how to moisturize my straight hair without making it go puffy or frizzy.
On the first two nights after my wash day, I moisturized it as I regularly would do for my air dried hair and it ended up being a little damp. I decided to do some research and I stumbled on a YouTube video where this YouTube blogger, My Beauty Marc, talked about moisturizing straightened hair without reversion.
This is what I learned from the video:
1. First, you section your hair in two sections.
2. Comb through each section (optional).
3. Apply about two to three drops of a very watery leave-in conditioner to each section (depending) on how thick your hair is. Massage this in.
4. Then apply about 2-3 drops of oil on your palms and rub it on the back of your hand and in between your fingers. Next, run your hands through your hair to spread the oil.
You can also watch her video HERE:

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