To mix or not to mix? Should I mix my protein conditioner with my moisturising conditioner?

I got this question from one of my dear readers about mixing her protein conditioner with her moisturising conditioner. It was quite interesting because I am working on a post where I describe my current deep conditioning mix.

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  1. I mixed and I liked it my hair is so soft n moist i pre poo wv coconut oil applied my oil mix to my scalp(castor,argan,monoi hair oil) washed my hair we carols daughter monoi shampoo then for deep conditioning I mixed organic hair mayonnaise and carols daughter monoi hair condition wv little drops of castor oil,coconut oil,argan and carols daughter monoi hair oil in it covered my hair we a shower cap for 2 hrs rinsed my hair applied leave in conditioner carols daughter monoi anti breakage spray also works as a leave in and detangler combed my hair applied a little of my oil mix air dried my hair moisturized n seal my hair next morning.pheeew happy to say my hair feeeeeels so good great full to this blog for giving mi ideas.thank u

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