Mineral Oil Drama: is it really all that bad?

Okay! My Ayurvedic phase continues and I’ve finally noticed amla oil! Amla powder is incredible for facials and of course hair as it strengthens roots, defines curls and promotes growth amongst others.

From research, amla powder can be used alone or alongside other ayurvedic powders like brahmi, bringraj, neem etc, all with different uplifting properties for your hair. They may smell a bit earthy though as they are herbs after all.

I randomly noticed the amla oil bottles in my local store and it’s quite cheap. After reading a lot about it, I was still unsure about getting a bottle but luckily I had my friend, Elle with me, also a natural and we decided to share one bottle of amla oil! So we got it and I finally had amla oil!

She took the bottle, so no picture for now.  However I read the box and I noticed that it contained jasmine, amla and some other oil. Plus I remember mineral oil being on the ingredients list. From prior research, I’d noticed naturals argue back and forth about mineral oil being bad on natural hair, alongside other ingredients like petrolatum, lanolin, parabens, silicones etc. Yup! That bad list! No one wants any of these in their hair.


After getting the oil, I have been using it on my scalp and new growth after spritzing and I actually liked it! Although I liked it, I was a little uncomfortable and the mineral oil was a problem for me. I went back to the internet and stumbled on a new finding on the Naturally Curly Website. Guess what I learned? Apparently, mineral oil isn’t bad for natural hair as new research shows! You guys should check it out!

Morale of the story:
– Amla oil is definitely a keeper for your tresses….even the ones with mineral oil!!!

– Secondly, get off the bandwagon…do some freelance trial and error. Experiment with products even against general consensus. You know everyone’s hair isn’t the same!


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  1. Very true..i got amla oil 2wks ago..yet to use it though..i wana make it my spritz…for my havana briads..hope it works sha…but am also thinking of mixing it with Henna…Henna powder and amla oil…lets see how it comes out..i just need my new growth sofffffftttt…

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