Meet Zayne Lane, who loves the versatility of her texlaxed hair

Hello all! Today Zaynelane spills the tea on her hair journey. She has been natural, relaxed and is currently texlaxed. She has finally found what works for her and she’s loving it! Without further ado, find out the answer to Question1!

1. Who is Zayne Lane?

Zaynelane (real name – Anyalewa but you can call me Lew) is a fun-loving 20-something year old content creator-entrepreneur who loves fashion, music, food, travel and all things hair. Sounds cliché but anyone who knows me, knows about my obsession with healthy hair and products! Hi fellow budget healthy hair junkies *takes a bow*

I love researching and finding out exciting things about hair, it doesn’t hurt that I love texlaxing hair, coloring hair extensions and making wigs too (haha I need to sell my market holla!)

2. What’s your hair story? When did you decide to embark on a healthy hair journey and what led to it?

My hair story is pretty long but I will try to summarize so I don’t bore you guys to death. My hair was natural hair until age 9/10 when my mother relaxed my hair and I loved it.

I started experimenting with my hair after secondary school (thank you university) – rocked several colours ranging from chestnut-brown to blonde and burgundy; cut my hair countless times and rocked so many hairstyles (some questionable ones too).

For most of my life, my hair was relaxed – it barely grew past my shoulders and I was content, I did the barest minimum because my hair was thick and full so I felt I didn’t need to do anything extra to maintain it. After years of tiny pick and drop (braids), extensive coloring and other harsh hair practices, I saw a difference and my hair broke and fell out (I had patches in 2011), in fact everything bad happened to my once-thick hair.

The patches were a wake-up call so I decided to get a Kelly Osbourne hair cut (shaved sides) then make a change. In 2012, after relaxing my hair, the guy who cut my hair spoke to me about steaming my hair more often and he sold me some shea butter with snake-skin oil to use in place of my greasy conventional hair cream.

I also started researching products and practices to help my hair so I began to make DIY mixes to “steam” my hair. Later that year, my mum who was my resident relaxer specialist was dealing with cancer and the chemo was taking a toll on her so she couldn’t relax my hair anymore so I decided to go natural.

I liked it but it was hectic. My hair was always in protective styles (matting) ’cause I just couldn’t deal besides getting my hair done was a chore – I would have to blow dry and beg the stylist not to comb out my brain as they would complain my hair was “tough”. Also, my pocket was crying from all the products I was buying just for softer hair but kolewerk so I decided in mid 2014 to try relaxed hair again after all when I was younger and mummy took care of my hair, it was thick and full.

I hated my new relaxed hair (flat and thin), it was totally different from the relaxed hair I had when I was younger so I began to research (thanks hair blogs, Youtube and Google) then I stumbled across “texlaxing” and hit the jackpot! I could have healthy, long and thick hair that somehow looked natural with a lot of texture but was also relaxed!

By December 2014, I embarked on my texlaxed healthy hair journey, even though I wasn’t really a fan at first ’cause my hair was over processed after my first texlax. I became serious with my hair journey in January 2015!

3. What products do you swear by?

I absolutely cannot live with my instant conditioners (the cheaper the better) – Alberto vo5 Moisture milks – my prepoo/cowash slayers! Creme of Nature Moisture and Shine Shampoo (3 years and counting); deep conditioners make all the difference for me (Kanechom Karite butter, I love you), Full cream mayonnaise (my go-to protein treatment), Honey makes everything better (add it to your cowash or deep conditioner, you’re welcome); Keracare leave-in conditioner (it’s so creamy), ZL moisture mist (keeps my hair moisturized in protective styles – love it!!) and oils (Zaynelane natural oil blend and coconut oil) they give a whole new meaning to deep conditioning oh and sealing. What can I do without these staples?

4. Are you a mixologist at heart or do you prefer store – bought products?

Both! I love my staple store-bought products but I’m also a proud mixologist! I stay mixing and mixing stuff for my hair! The other day, I was cooking bulgur wheat and I said to myself, I should try a bulgur wheat rinse since its healthy enough to be eaten, it should be healthy enough for my hair! I ended up using a strainer to separate the water from the shaft and I mixed it with my DIY palm oil deep conditioner (I will blog about it soon).

5. Walk us through your regimen.

Texlax only new growth thrice a year (only blow-dry and flat-iron after I texlax)

Limit heat to thrice a year too (only after I texlax)

Trim whenever my ends feel/look weird

Cleanse hair twice a week; cowash on Wednesdays, full wash days on Saturdays; clarify once/twice a month depending on my build-up.

Moisturize and seal daily or spray with ZL liquid mist

Most of the time, my hair is in a protective style – wigs, chunky twists, buns and my all-time favorite – mating aka 2 french braids.

Sleep with a satin/silk scarf wrapped on a pillow

I try to keep a healthy lifestyle – exercising and eating clean most of the time.

6. If you were five minutes late, what will be your go-to hairstyle?

Spray with ZL Liquid Mist and up in a bun my hair goes!

7. What’s your take on hair supplements and the people who use them?

I have personally never taken any supplements and don’t plan to as I have read about its side effects -excess hair growth on the body amongst others and I am not about that life. Thankfully, I am fine with my God-given hair and I don’t need hair springing up in weird places.

I have nothing against people who use them, do you boo!

8. Is there any particular hair experience/challenge you’ll like to share with us.

Thin ends aka relaxed tips so I’ve had to snip my hair thrice since I started my texlaxed healthy hair journey.

Last may, I chopped off 80% of my relaxed ends so I started and ended the year with almost the same length but I’m happier ’cause my hair is healthier and thicker.

I still have some relaxed hair ’cause some of my hair was over-processed. Still dealing with that.

Finally, my previous relaxer stretches were 24 weeks long and the breakage was real *sad face*

9. Whose hair do you spend a considerable amount of time lusting after?

@prettywitty77 – her texture and length is everything, I tell you! Hair goals hands down!

10. Have you been tempted to go natural? If no, what keeps you going?

Nope! Been there, done that! Not for me.

The versatility of texlaxed hair gives me enough joy to stay strong.

11. There’s clearly not enough information for relaxed/texlaxed hair. How do you cope with it?

I know right, there’s so much information and events targeted at natural hair which I applaud but I think the texlaxed/relaxed community needs the same audience, which is where we bloggers come in.

To handle the information gap, I research natural and relaxed hair then I modify it for texlaxed hair. It also helps that there are some texlaxed bloggers who provide insight too, my key is read, read then tweak as I go along.

My experiences have shaped me; I am my own guinea pig so I mix and try stuff, if it works yay its a winner and if it doesn’t, I keep trying to make it better.

Then I blog about it, one of the reasons I started blogging in the first place, was to share my little knowledge with others struggling with their texlaxed/relaxed healthy hair journey.

12. Has social media had any kind of influence on your hair decisions?


The power of knowledge is mind-blowing and it helps that it’s at my finger tips!

I’m so thankful for social media – Youtube and Instagram in particular as they connect us with so much information. Without social media, I would have been struggling with my hair; I would have never found about texlaxing!

13. Thanks for your time. How do we continue stalking you?

The pleasure is all mine!

Instagram: @zaynelane


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