Meet Juditherese: Whose Texlaxed Hair Reaches Her Bra Strap!

Today, we have lovely Juditherese sharing with her texlaxed journey to bra strap length!

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1. Who is Juditherese?

Hi there! I’m Judith but my web name is Juditherese which is a combination of my names Judith and Therese. I’m a Student at the University of Portharcourt Nigeria. I’m 21 years old. Judging from my last relaxer in September, I currently have full bra strap length Texlaxed hair and i intend to grow it longer WHILE STILL BEING TEXLAXED. I have a strong desire to have longer luscious hair and to help ladies achieve the same long hair.


2. What’s your hair story? When did you decide to embark on a healthy hair journey and what led to it?

It was actually my curiosity that led me into the world of hair care. I was curious to know if black women could grow long hair and when google showed me it was possible, i went on to see if Nigerian women could have very long hair and again google directed me to blogs such as Naijahaircangrow, Rehairducation and bam! I was hooked lol! I told my siblings and my mum about it but they all told me I would be wasting my time and I would never have hair as long as any of them.

Today I’m like… “Mama look at me : I made it! Now I’m a hairlista Mummy I’m popular!” (in falz’s voice but with a little tweaking…lolz)

So I started my hair journey on October 2013.

3. What products do you swear by?

4. Are you a mixologist at heart or do you prefer store – bought products?

I do like to mix up store-bought products


5. Work us through your regimen.

Washday: I wash my hair every two weeks from week 1- 6 early into my stretch and every three weeks from week 6 -12/13

Relaxer: I Texlax my hair using a relaxer every 12-13weeks

Protective styling: All the time except the week of relaxing.

Moisturizing and sealing: is done every 3 days and I steam my hair with a heat cap after moisturizing.

Scalp massages: follows immediately after moisturizing which is every 3 days.

Using Heat: I flat-iron my hair only after relaxer days and washdays when I don’t air dry my hair for a wash n go style I use a blowdryer on the warm setting to dry my hair.

6. If you were five minutes late, what will be your go-to hairstyle?

I would throw my hair into a low bun and lay my edges down real quick with my Eco styler gel!


7. What’s your take on hair supplements and the people who use them?

Well, i have no problems with people who use supplements, I’ve used Natrol biotin supplement for two months and i noticed awesome growth. My only problem is that most people use them but deny it and hence mislead their followers. Why use something you would be ashamed of telling people you used?


8.Is there any particular hair experience/challenge you’ll like to share with us?

Well just a lamentation *sad face* I did long relaxer stretches all through last year (2015) and it caused damage to my ends. My ends became so thin and i had to cut off about four inches at the end of the year. If those four inches were healthy I would be waist length now because i was at full bra length or grazing midback length. So don’t join the band wagon, if your ends keep thinning it may be as a result of very long stretches. It works for them doesn’t mean it will work for you.

9. Whose hair do you spend a considerable amount of time lusting after?

Awwwwn…Lade of Rehairducation blog (she’s a serious hair inspiration for texlaxed ladies)  and mine. Can’t take my eyes off my hair too! Lol

10. Have you been tempted to go natural? If no, what keeps you going?

I love and admire natural hair, my sis is natural and her hair is almost as long as mine. I style it, I see it everyday too. Lol. But I’ve not been tempted because I know what I want and I know I’m not going natural anytime soon so I’m not tempted at all.

What keeps me going is the fact that my hair is thick and healthy and i don’t feel less than a natural person in anyway. So many people even think I’m natural. For now I’m just so in love with being texlaxed!


11. There’s clearly not enough information for relaxed/texlaxed hair. How do you cope with it?

The thing is, when I began my hair journey there was still enough info on texlaxed hair. Most of the bloggers that transitioned to natural now were texlaxed then. So I already have a lot of info. It’s not a problem for me.

12. Has social media had any kind of influence on your hair decisions?

Not really. I mostly do what I think is right and what suits me.

13.Thanks for your time. How do we continue stalking you?

Thank you so much for having me on the blog today. Follow my blog and my social media accounts. I’ll probably stalk you too!
IG: @Juditherese
Fb page: Juditheresehair blog
Twitter: JudithereseHair
Youtube channel coming soon 🙂

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