Introducing our resident bloggers- Meet Dr Fomsky!

My first formal introduction on this blog is on our ‘About Sizzelle’ page but there’s a lot more to say about myself I think. So here goes:

I’m a Nigerian lady, in my thirties…married with 3 kids, ranging from 5 yrs to 19 months. I’m a medical doctor and I dream of being a aesthetic physician/dermatologist because I am extremely passionate about clear, beautiful skin. When I was in medical school, I had a lot of acne and even on my wedding day, I had moderate acne. Thank God for makeup!!! I have tried A LOT of products. LOL…. I’ll be sharing my skin secrets, tips and products with you guys..

My hair strands are thin in diameter (also called fine) and I have a moderate quantity of hair… My curls never last more than a few hours and I’m constantly battling with my fine hair to make it grow thicker. Sometimes, I feel like cutting my hair and starting all over again… other times, I’m happy with the progress of my hair and I lose that urge to cut my hair. I’ll be sharing tips on how I’ve been able to keep my hair breakage in check and how my hair has been able to grow a bit thicker. I also plan on doing at least one video a month starting September!!

Before I started having kids, I was about 65 kg.. I’m about 5 ft 8 inches so this gave me a BMI of about 22 (I think). Now, I weigh something like 75 kg…and my tummy…is a story for another day!! I’m working on getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight and if my tummy can get to 30 inches, I’d be so ecstatic.

One of my greatest desires is to be a minister of the gospel, especially a worship leader… with God on my side, I

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believe I can still do this.

I started a blog called the Sizzling Mommy blog in January 2011 to catalog my weight loss after my second child but somehow, it became a hair blog! From that blog, emerged a beauty product business which I called SIZZELLE! 7 years ago, if you had asked me where and what I’ll be doing today, I wouldn’t have even imagined that I’d be doing this sort of business!

It’s been a struggle balancing between blogging , running a business, being a wife, mom, daughter, sister and friend but I pray for God’s grace everyday and He alone has saw me through.

Feel free to introduce yourself too in the comment section!!





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  1. Hello Dr., I read your blog and wish to share my problem. I am almost getting bald what product can you suggest to improve my hair. Thank you.

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