Matte lipsticks : the key to world peace

Hello everyone!

I wouldn’t exactly say makeup is my forte but I have done makeup professionally once. 😀 For my cousin’s wedding, I did her makeup. Haha! I still don’t believe she trusted me that much to do it but I actually had it in me all this time.

Save for an old Tara lipstick I got from a friend, a black eyeliner (important souvenir of schooling in Zaria) and a two-sided Tara lip gloss I got from my cousin (one of the spoils of doing her makeup), my makeup collection was and still remains empty. Imagine my shock when my fellow YouTube sisters give sneak-peaks of their collection. Wow!

Matte lipsticks have come to be the holy grail of my makeup collection. Since my personal makeup routine is limited to the application of black eyeliner inside or outside my lower lids and the sparse filling out of my brows, lipsticks take centre-stage. The right shade of lipstick helps add some color to my overall look.

My first real lipstick was gotten on an impulse. Just to be clear. I do not like impulse buys! Lol. And it was none other than the *drum roll* Mac Ruby Woo, I got the Night Moth lip liner with it as well and this would soon double as an eyebrow filler since the one I use has run out.

I also ordered two Milani matte lipsticks since they are such a great substitute for Mac matte lipsticks. On my dwindling student budget, I can only afford one Mac lipstick please :D. I ordered two but eventually got 3, the third one was for free thanks to a delivery mix up! See how my God works! Yes, matte lipsticks are awesome but here as some quick tips on how to use them best:

  • Matte lipsticks are best on exfoliated, smooth lips: picture a matte lipstick on cracked lips, obviously not a good look – try to exfoliate your lips with a DIY salt or sugar scrub and an old toothbrush then you can rock your matte lipstick!
  • Always put a layer of protection on your lips before applying the lipstick: matte lipsticks could be quite drying so it is expected that you put a layer of moisturizing lip balm or a healthy cover of Vaseline on your lips before application (not too much though if you want to keep things matte).
  • Matte lipsticks are best when the weather is humid: in the winter or harmattan months, it’s best to stick to creamy lipsticks or even lip glosses in place of matte lipsticks. If you just have to use the matte lipstick, refer to the above tip.

I hope this helps! What lipsticks are you currently loving?

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