Making Healthy(er) Choices

DSC_1195Hey everyone!

I know how much of a struggle staying consistent with my routine jogs/runs are. And I find that since it’s hard to stay consistent with those, I need to make better choices with my food.

Since there’s no Fayrouz (my favourite fizzy drink in Nigeria) where I am thankfully… I actually can’t remember the last time I had a fizzy drink. Coke is not my thing and neither are any of the others – Sprite, Pepsi and the likes. NOO! So I stick to the good ole water until… I had a sip of Lipton’s Iced Tea Peach. I don’t know how much sugar it has but it does come in a can and that bothers me because a box of the same Lipton has been gathering dust on my fridge!

By the way, I’m trying to improve my tea-taking culture and be more like the inspirational Dr Fomsky herself. I also collect tea bags. Funny but true, if I’m comfortable enough with you as a friend, I will take some of your tea bags to try out! 😀

So this morning, I had the urge to stroll to the vending machine and buy another can of Lipton Iced tea (even sounds ridiculous as I type it) but my spirit said “NO!”. Instead I grab an empty jar of apple compote and three different tea bags (mint, green and black tea) I had in my tea box. Some water, a little sugar, some drops of lemon juice and a couple of hours later, I have my very own version of my ICED TEA!!! You see! I made a healthy decision totally on my own without any YouTube motivation! I actually did a happy dance. I could totally see myself doing this again…

All you need is a determination not to take fizzy drinks, an empty jar or jugs and a couple of tea bags. What healthy choices have you made recently?

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