LUSTI ORGANICS CARROT OIL (stops breakage and anti-thinning)

Oh my… the ingredient list on this product is really long a total of 29 ingredients, I’ll share the first few with you.


Water, Carbomer, Glycerin, Triethanolamine, Carrot oil, olive oil extract, wheat germ oil, mineral oil…..camphor, menthol, Vitamin E and A etc.

Well looking at the list, there are some chemicals I see and I’m wondering what it is doing here on the list.

Menthol, camphor and carbomer??? What are these? Mehn enterprenuers are really out to make money from women…lol

Okay with all the ranting… I used this product and my hair was damn soft……….I could finger detangle my hair especially the new growth…..I love how it makes my hair soft.

And it’s sold for 700 naira.


Who has tried this product before? It’s so soft, its consistency is like a lotion….really soft.

THEIR PROMISE: Lusti organics carrot oil is designed with anti-oxidants and herbal blend that easily penetrates deep into hair roots and control dry scalp. Its mild formula stops breakage and reduces thinning of hair. It conditions & moisturizes for strong thicker, healthier hair with fabulous sheen and softness.

Has anyone used this product before???

I’ll do research on all the ingredients above and share my results with you.

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  1. hello Patience, how do you do? thumbs up for the work you and your crew are doing. i’ll really love to try this product. my hair is soft and i dont like it, too soft for my liking, hair stylists says my hair does not have body. i want a fuller, thicker hair. Your review says the product made your hair soft but the promise of the manufacturer says otherwise. Am confused. Pls help a sister.

  2. Hi dear, if your hair is too soft and you want to thick hair, add protein treatment to your hair once a month for strength. You can also try this out, but I’m sure adding protein to your regimen will help a lot.
    Thank you

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