Life hacks: reviving dried-up nail polish

I woke up one morning to do a quick pedi when I realised that most of my nail polishes were dried up. Like I only had a handful that weren’t. I knew I had to do something about it asap!

There were two methods I tried which involved using hot water and acetone remover. I figured whatever happens, one of them would work.

1. Hot water method.
I poured boiling water into a bowl and dunked all the nail polishes into it after being closed tightly of course to avoid the water slipping into it. Next, I left for a while – until the water was cold. After which, I checked them individually to see the results. Unfortunately, a few of my nail polishes have been dry for a long time so that didn’t work for those. This set weren’t as liquid as I expected.

On to the next one.

2. Acetone remover
Next, I bought an acetone nail polish remover. Then I went ahead to pour a few drops into the nail polishes at a time.  Then let it sit for about an hour until the polish is completely melted. When it seemed to liquify, I stirred it with the nail polish brush. Funny enough, it worked. I was a bit skeptical initially.

I also realise that this is a temporary solution. It is important to get a nail polish thinner down as an alternative for subsequent uses.

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