Let’s Get “Intimate”

Hi guys!! You won’t believe how long I’ve had this draft sitting in limbo for. This title was inspired by my search for the perfect sanitary towel. Yes. Growing up, the only option I thought I had was Always… You go for either the blue or pink one but we all know the blue one always one the battle…

But for me. The quest to find that perfect sanitary towel was still on… Which product had the perfect length, the perfect wings, which was made with cotton or nylon etc etc.. All these were being considered and oddly enough, guess who never considered tampons. Yea, call me a prude but yea well…



Currently, this is what my cabinet loooks like.. LOL.. Amongst these 5 products – CarefreeUltra, Siempre Ultra, Always Ultra, Always Ultra Thin & Always Night – 3 freaking types of Always, I think I may have found the one.. Maybe, and it the purple Always Night. It’s just it – super-absorbent, cotton and all that stuff… It works for the moment, maybe it’s even my final stop if I don’t hop on the tampon express train but yea. Peep my trusty Silk Elements tub tooo. 😀 

I hope we could talk about this… Which sanitary product do you absolutely love? How long did it take you to find it?

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