Length Retention Series by Kemi Lewis

What is length retention?

Length retention is the idea that you can do certain things to care for your hair that will prevent split ends and excessive breakage (source).

Introducing Kemi Lewis and the Length Retention Series…

Kemi Lewis is an amazing natural hair enthusiast and stylist. She shares insights on natural hair and other issues on her personal Instagram page and the professional one.

Some refer to her as the queen of updos.

Enjoy this length retention series.

I hope you learn a few things!

Repost from @kemilewis using @RepostRegramApp – Apologies for the break in transmission in this series! Shall be completing it this week! So! Your ends are the part of your hair that grew out of your head first so have experienced the most manipulation and have more damage. If your ends are not cared for and they break off at the same rate at which the hair at the root is growing then it will always seem like your hair isn't growing. Always pay particular attention to the ends when applying product, detangle very gently, keep them tucked in and away from your collars, pillows and sofas. When oiling, apply a bit more on the ends to strengthen and prevent friction. #hair #beauty #hairtips #naturalhair #naturalhairdaily #lengthretention #4chairchicks #hair2mesmerize #protectivestyles #kinkyhair #naturalhairsalon #naturalhairsaloninlagos

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Repost from @kemilewis using @RepostRegramApp – It's so easy and convenient to always reach for the hand dryer when you have washed your hair. However constant direct heat styling ( blow dryers, flat irons, curling wands) dry out the hair, weaken the shaft and thin out the hair. Switch it up from time to time and vary your hair styles – air drying ( in twists and plaits) threading, hooded dryers ( perm rod sets, flexi rods, curl formers etc) are great alternatives to getting the hair stretched and styled. When you use a hand dryer make sure it's low to medium heat and ALWAYS use a heat protectant. #teamnatural #naturalhairdaily #protectivestyles #healthyhair #healthyhairjourney #lengthretention #afro #4chairchicks #africanthreading #teamhealthyhair #naturalhairsalon #naturalhairsaloninlagos

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Repost from @kemilewis using @RepostRegramApp – This might seem counter productive (cutting off length) but there is a huge difference in 1/8th of an inch and 3 inches! When you don't cut off split ends on time, they travel up the shaft, damaging otherwise healthy hair. So when it gets really bad ( knots and tangles, thinning) and you finally decide to trim, you end up losing more than you would have if you'd trimmed earlier! Caring for your ends, less manipulation and oiling them regularly to reduce friction will help them become less prone to fraying and splitting. Some people may need a trim every 3 months, others every 4 – 6 months. It all depends on how you handle your hair! #naturalhair #naturalhairdaily #teamnatural #teamhealthyhair #hair #lengthretention #naturalhairjourney #naturalhaircommunity #naturalhairdoescare #naijanaturals #klsnaturals

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Do you have any tested and tried length retention tips? Please share with us in the comments below!


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