The winter I lost 10kg doing nothing but eating and sleeping! Part 1

You know that period of lull in your life… in-between phases and not quite up to much?Well I do know this! The period between university graduation and working-lady life – I went through a health and beauty re-genesis!

I am 5’1, lean-muscular build young lady and have always been about 55 kg – since I was like 14 years old. I am 24 years old now. In 2011, (at 22 years of age), as a freshly minted graduate of Stanford University, I decided to move back to Nigeria to gain some job experience. However, my triumphant return was not for a few months – so I LOUNGED (and lounged I did, indeed)! I spent my days in bed, watching every last episode of the Cosby show – with infrequent intervals to fix myself some nourishment. I am providing this backdrop to give an insight into my living situation at the time. I lived with my sister, a working pharmacist. I also read countless hair and skin blogs – my vanity literature, as I like to call them. I decided to use the free time to ensure my hair and skin got all the pampering it needed. I was determined to return to Lagos, as a fresh ‘bebiguhl from d overseas’.

My diet included:

• 1 tall glass of warm lemon-water* first thing in the morning and the last thing at night.

• An obscene amount of avocados

• Greek yoghurt and honey, with almonds and blueberries

• Grilled tilapia fillets

• Smoothies containing carrots, bananas, yoghurt, orange juice (sometimes, kiwis, strawberries or whatever fruit I had lying around that was about to go rotten)

I have always had a basic minimalist diet (at home, that is!). I can and have happily lived on eating the same thing every day for breakfast (Greek yoghurt, grapes, blueberries, almonds, honey). When I am in the mood for some excitement (better known as mediumrare filet mignon steak), I count every last penny I own and go to a fancy restaurant.

I will speak briefly on the bulleted points:

1. If there is one Holy Grail beauty product, IT IS LEMON! Lemons and weight loss!!! Quote me! Kiki Oh said that *snaps in Z formation). Both topically and internally, lemons will enhance your vanity game like no other. (In fact, I have a post in drafts entitled: my ode to lemons). Side note: my Naija sisters that like to bleach (say no to the hydroquinone creams and “bleaching oils” *side-eye to our PokoStar* and drink this delightful fluid first thing in the morning, and last thing at night. I read somewhere about this being a fixture in Japanese culture, and don’t get me started on the Japanese and their skin, and overall youthfulness!

lemons and weight loss

a. Back to the matter (open and close): The warm lemon-water cleanse as I call it, is an excellent way to start and end your day with beaucoup de benefits. More importantly, it is the more realistic version of the infamous Master Cleanse. The ingredients are largely the same, without the laxative effect and the regimen is more realistic. I love food, and thankfully my favorite foods are healthy (I don’t have a sweet tooth!) – so I am anti diets that entail starvation. I am all for actively selecting foods that can help you attain your goals of weight loss, detoxification, and things of that nature.

Lemons do this!

…To be continued tomorrow!

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