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Skincare: I have normal to combination skin. This is what I was told by the gorgeous  Middle-Eastern lady at the Laura Mercier booth at Neiman Marcus. She went on to sell me three products, costing almost $200. They include: the infamous Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer, the Flawless Skin range: mega moisturizer and the flawless skin perfecting water mist. This was my introduction to “skincare”. Prior to this, I was of the school of thought that if this soap can scrub my body just fine, it should suffice for my face, and cold pressed castor oil is an excellent moisturizer for my face (while defiantly ignoring the rub-and-shine effect it gives me). Full disclosure, I am very minimalist in my skincare approach and it has worked for me. In fact, my skin consistently reminds me that if it ain’t broke, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE: DO. NOT. FIX! Many a time, I have followed the advice of friends, well wishers and straight-up ‘oversabis‘ and have added a skincare product into my regimen – and my face has violently expressed its displeasure. For my skin, I loved the Oil of Olay shower gel but have now “upgraded” to the more natural and organic product line: Nubian Heritage. You might know Nubian Heritage’s more exposed, and hair-focused sister company: Shea Moisture

Makeup: My makeup regimen is very me: understated but flawless, classy, sophisticated nd timeless. Haha! Indeed, I may or may not be delusional ;). In hindsight, it’s more what I aspire to be than what I am at the moment. I might be flexing my modesty muscles. I believe in a flawless base: an excellent application of foundation and/or powder is more than enough, more times than not. This is obviously in my opinion, and in line with my tastes. I have given up on mastering any eye makeup skills and have resigned to the great Banke Meshida Lawal of BM Pro to handle my “rainbow-on-the eyelids” dreams for my traditional wedding day. In the meantime, I am content with my foundation application technique that produces the results

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I want, and a fierce lip game (whether colored or nude).

I will be able to give detailed information and advice on how to apply your foundation flawlessly and how best to ensure your lips are as gorgeous as they can be.


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