The journey towards a flat belly – know some facts first!

Every woman wants a flat belly. Sometimes, it seems so difficult…you try your best to minimize your food intake and eat healthy. You do 100 crunches a day but still no luck.


There are several things that can cause a big tummy:
1. Excess gas or bloating. This is a temporary cause of a big tummy and it explains why your tummy gets so much bigger after eating certain foods. Examples of foods which can cause bloating include beans, lentils, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, carrots, prunes, apricots, milk (for people who are lactose-intolerant).
2. Constipation.
3. Excess abdominal fat. Some women have a higher tendency to store fat in the abdominal region while some in their lower body.
4. Weak abdominal muscles. This is very common in women who have had babies. When you’ve not had kids, it is easy to boast of a flat tummy. However, show me a woman with a flat tummy after 2 or more children and I’ll stop and ask her secrets!
5. Pregnancy. You might just be pregnant and not know it! I was about 3 1/2 months pregnant for my third child when I found out. That explained my suddenly enlarging tummy!

To get a flatter tummy, you need to tackle each factor.
1. Eat ‘gassy’ foods in the evenings or at home when you’re not too bothered about how big your tummy looks
2. Take enough fibre in your diet to encourage

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bowel movement.
3. Burn excess fat by doing exercise, preferably moderate to high intensity.
4. Do effective exercises to strengthen your ab muscles. I’ll go more into this shortly.
5. Eat healthy. Take less refined carbohydrates, less fried foods, more vegetables, etc. I’ll also discuss this in more detail in an upcoming post.

What are your tips for a flatter tummy?

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