Introducing new bloggers: Tunrie

Hello everyone. My name is Motunrayo but I let everyone call me Tunrie cos’ I’m cool like that.

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I graduated from Ahmadu Bello University and I’m about rounding up my service year. I also work with an amazing team – Imbue Magazine and more recently Sizzelle!


My favourite go-to protective styling is anything with kinky extensions. My favourite oil, of course, is castor oil. You’ll get to know more as time goes on.

As a young Nigerian, I enjoy many things.

I love to read (cliché but true), sing and listen to music (in a choir).

I play dress-up, laugh and exercise.

On good days, I hang with my friends, blog-surf and for my mother’s sake, let’s add cooking to the end of the list!

Hair journey

My hair journey started a while ago but I took charge when I honestly got bored and decided my shoulder-length hair just didn’t cut it for me anymore.

I mean, the hair had pretty much been the same length all my life. I cut it and started all over and from February till now, I think I’ve done pretty well and learnt a lot too.

Like clockwork, as I started to learn about how to take care of my hair naturally, I realised how much benefits were attached to using the oils for my hair on my skin as well. Really, natural remedies are the best!! I look forward to sharing awesome tid-bits on hair, skin and fitness with you guys.






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