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Damilola Oladosu

Hi all. My name is Damilola Oladosu. I am a 20-something  year old lady who loves, absolutely loves the finer things of life.  And when I say the finer things of life, I mean I love to look good.  Unfortunately, I am not a fashionista and although I am not the most  awesome dresser, I do try my best to dress my figure appropriately.

Damilola in a nice dress

I love to sing, dance, travel and cook (in that order).  Most of all, I love to laugh – yes, I consider it one of my hobbies.

My most treasured possession asides my bum (lol…)  is my skin. I love to take care of my skin and maintain my natural complexion without falling victim to the tons of complexion-altering chemicals  out there. I am on a weight-maintenance (fitness) and hair-growth  journey. If you noticed, I didn’t say weight-loss because I am really not about losing weight – I LOVE my curves.

Damilola in a trouser

However,  I need to stay fit and healthy. The only issue is that I do not have  the motivation to work-out as regularly as necessary. I have Jillian Michael’s exercise videos and a complete exercise kit at home yet  I do not use them as I should.

And to the most important journey I am on now…my  hair growth journey. Now, I have mal-treated my hair all my life and  that maltreatment is so obvious. To make it worse, I am not genetically  wired to have a full hair of head. Combining that with the maltreatment  completely killed whatever strands of hair managed to find themselves  attached to my scalp. I recently made up my mind to start paying proper  attention to how I treat and care for my hair. I hope it will forgive  me and grow appreciably.



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