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Have you ever been discouraged by a complicated hair regimen? It really doesn’t need to be so difficult. The folks who developed the 30-Day Hair Detox want to help you out. Aeleise J. & Aishia S. are the brains behind the challenge and each of them have loads of experience with natural hair.


Aeleise describes herself as a natural hair artist. She is Deva-trained so I’m sure she can give a mean Deva Cut. She worked with various salons for many years before opening her Hair Love Art studio. In her salon, she marries her love of art and natural hair.

Aishia has worked with several online publications writing about hair and beauty. She writes and edits the Chocolate Curls Beauty site. After blogging for several years, Aishia decided to enroll in a cosmetology program which she is finishing up soon. According to her site,

“Aishia’s goal is simple, become a knowledgeable, trustworthy, licensed professional in the Natural Hair Community.”

The 30-day Hair Detox challenge aims to simplify natural hair regimens one person at a time. There are a few guidelines in this challenge that may shock the natural hair community. For example, you can’t use coconut oil, shea butter or Eco Styler gel. 😯 On their Instagram page, they share some valuable (and at times, controversial) lessons to make your hair journey a smooth one. Here are a few of my favorite posts.


"You just gotta know your hair…" A statement that is echoed time and time again by women with natural hair… but what does it mean? Before beginning the journey to care for your natural hair it is very important to understand the 7 key elements that impact your hair care routine. 1. Porosity- your hair's ability to absorb liquids, creams and chemicals. Porosity is labeled as low, medium or high. 2. Density- the amount of hair follicles per. square inch. Density is categorized as low, medium or high. 3. Texture- is the look and/or feel of the hair. Texture is categorized as fine, medium or coarse. 4. Water Quality- believe it or not your water quality has a huge impact on the way your products perform. Water is either soft or hard and can best be determined by checking your local water regulating agency. 5. Climate- living in certain climates can affect the way your products perform or even your choice of hairstyles. Natural hair can sometimes be unpredictable and the climate definitely plays a role. 6. Length- your length has impact on not only your technique and application it it plays a pivotal role in your hairstyling decisions. 7. Desired Style- how you choose to style your hair is impacted by every single element on this list. Desired style also impacts the products you use as well overall style, attitude and how you carry yourself as a woman. If you're interested in learning more info to understanding your natural hair or our professionally guided natural hair experience visit today to sign up for our newsletter. #essencemag #essence

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Porosity is one of the biggest buzzwords in the #naturalhair community…but not many truly understand what it is or how to determine where they fit in this category. #porosity is the hair's ability to absorb liquids…So what's the best way to determine if your porosity is low, medium or high…Before you run out and grab a glass of water to test your hair strands, there's a much a better way to determine your porosity… such as.. How long does it take for your hair get wet when you're about to wash it? How long does it take to dry when styled? Does it suck up conditioner or does the conditioner sit on the hair? Taking note of this factors will give you a very good idea of where you fall in the porosity spectrum. #30dayhairdetox #30dayhairdetoxtaughtme #curlbox #curlkit #curlkitchen #cwkgirls #myhaircrush #teamnatural_ #teamnatural #naturalhairrules #naturalhairdontcare #naturalhairdaily #naturalhairdoescare #naturallycurly #curlboss

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We promise we don't have it out for coconut oil…the problem lies in how we're using it. Some #naturals SWEAR coconut is the Jehovah Jireh of #naturalhair and unfortunately we have been led astray…with good intent of course. Coconut oil is one of the heaviest oils out there and it has super powers that allow it to penetrate the hair shaft which isn't ideal as the hair shaft needs hydration/moisture and moisture comes from water. If coconut oil is taking up all the space in your hair strands your hair strands aren't being "moisturized". Adapting a simple routine of Cleansing (with shampoo), Conditioning and Styling is the roadmap to the most hydrated/moisturized curls of your life. If you like to learn how you can create your own personal haircare regimen by learning simple haircare routines and application methods you can check us out at #30dayhairdetox #30dayhairdetoxtaughtme #curlboss #curlkit #curlbox #naturalhair #naturalhairdontcare #teamnatural_ #teamnatural #naturalhairdoescare #naturalhairrules #cwkgirls #myhaircrush #trialsntresses #essencemag #essencemagazine #crwnmag #txturemagazine #naturallycurly #naturallyshesdope #naturallycurly

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Have you heard about the 30-Day Hair Detox? Are you willing to try it?

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