I need to lose 20 lbs!

Earlier this year, I weighed about 70 kg and I even had a True foods for two challenge which I should confess that I didn’t complete!! I’ve gradually been adding up the pounds and now I weigh about 8 kg more. (I’m on vacation in the U.S right now and I added 4 kg already in this few weeks I’ve been on vacation!). Now, I need to lose 20 lbs (9.07 kg) get to 68 kg.

need to lose 20 lbs

I weighed 65 kg on my wedding day and to be honest, I don’t even know if I can get to that weight anymore! Each time I drop to about 70 kg, people tell me that my face is looking too slim and that kind of discourages me from pushing on.

My husband told me yesterday that I have like 8 kg in my abdominal region and if I could lose weight in that region, then all my weight problems would be solved! LOL! I think he’s somewhat right: I don’t feel that I look fat but I think that most of my weight is in my abdomen! So, how can I lose weight mostly in my tummy (and possibly my arms) and not lose too much in my face? I’m miffed if you ask me!

This month, I decided to modify my lifestyle, one habit at a time. My habit for this month was to exercise every day. I did keep up with it for a while and I missed out on it for a few days but I’m going to keep at it. Next month, I’ll add on one habit. I will start a weight loss diary here to track my progress so watch this space!

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