I cut my hair!

Hi people! It’s been a while! I’m sorry about my absence: I recently relocated from Nigeria to France with my hubby and kids. It’s not been too easy settling in but we’re in the process.

In one of my August posts on setting hair goals, I talked about getting a good trim. So, guess what? I did!

A few weeks ago, I got tired of my hair and a cousin of mine was over at my house. She’s a professional hairstylist and I begged her to cut my hair.

So why did I cut my hair?

1. Firstly, the bottom half of my hair is ‘texlaxed’ while the ends were just too straight. I was tired of dealing with the different textures and the overly straight hair. It wasn’t making my hair look full at all.


See the different texture between my extremely 'texlaxed' hair and my straight hair.
See the different texture between my extremely ‘texlaxed’ hair and my straight hair.

2. Secondly, I was having uneven hair growth: The middle part of my hair grows much slower than the back and the sides. I noticed that my new growth in this area is always less than the other areas of my hair. I felt that trimming it would help level out my hair.

The shorter length of my hair in the middle!
The shorter length of my hair in the middle!

Some pictures:

Before the cut
Just before the cut
Before the cut
Before the cut


My new look!!

Till next time,

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  1. Mentor ooooooo. I feel soo sad about your hair cut! Chai. Hieu! In fact, I’m trying to calm myself. *tries to breathe slowly* Hmmmmm. O well, I understand the reason though and can’t wait to watch you grow it all back.

  2. Dr. Fomsky? Why? Sweet Jesus..that hair was motivating me na…Chineke!!!Chei…Why na…you for leave am small, e go grow back na..kai..after all the hard work…it has to grow back looking better oo. If not i go go on ASUU Hair strike too..Sad your no longer withing reach..even though i havent met you one on one..gonna miss you but congrats still..teach them french ladies how to do it the African way..looking forward to seeing your hair long and healthy again..xoxo.
    PS: What natural remedy can i use for acne spots? Can lime and sugar scrub take care of it doc?

    1. Hi Olivia…sorry I’m just seeing this comment. I’ve never tried lime or sugar on my face so I’m not sure if that’ll work. I’m not so good at DIY facial treatments.
      As for my hair, I’m crossing my fingers that it grows back soon!!

  3. I just asked if you cut your hair in my comment on a recent blog post. It feels nice knowing you have the knowledge to grow back your hair, doesn’t it? I know I feel more confident in this hair growing/retaining ‘business’ these days after 3years on hair blogs and I still have short hair!
    I hope you will blog about your stay in France.

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