How I use oils on my natural hair

I recently read about the Indian oiling method, shortly after, Discovering Natural talked about the importance of an oil mix. At this point, I knew the universe was telling me something. It nudged me in the direction of my oils.

The Indian oiling method as the name implies is one of the regimens used by the Indians to grow their waist-long hair. Everyone knows the Indians have the best hair methods. It basically involves oiling your scalp/hair everyday. Of course, it also has to be strongly present in your wash days. Anyways, it’s specially targeted towards people who suffer from unexplained dryness, brittleness, breakage, hair shed and dullness.

Why am I bothering myself with this you might ask? It’s not like my hair is in a terrible state. It’s pretty fine except the unexplained dryness and dullness. My hair’s terribly dull and naturally dry. After reading about it, I realised that I could actually do something about it – just increase the usage of oils in my regimen and after a while I might see results. Just ask Nappily Nigeriangirl.

The first thing I did was to create an oil mix in my applicator bottle. I gathered all of the oils that I had and mixed them together in small quantities. It consists of
Extra Virgin Olive oil
– Sunflower Seed oil
– Sesame oil
Castor oil
Coconut oil
Eucalyptus essential oil
Lavender essential oil

Next, I tried to look for ways to incorporate oils into my regimen without affecting my moisture levels. Just so you know, oils are not moisturizers.

1. Try to pre-poo before co-washing during the week. I don’t pre-poo during wash days because I deep condition first but I co-wash midweekly.

2. Seal with oils instead of light butters after moisturizing.

3. Oil scalp daily and focus on my ends.

Note that it’s important to use oils in small quantities in order to avoid build-up. If your hair’s greasy, it means you’ve applied too much. So far, I’ve managed to be consistent although I still forget to oil my scalp daily but baby steps. One day at a time.

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