Wash Day Chronicles: Henna & Indigo For Black Hair

For a while now, I’ve been craving black hair. I got tired of my highlights and entire hair color. I needed a change that didn’t involve permanent chemical dyes because I knew I would get bored again. I stumbled on Indigo a.k.a Black Henna while creating content for the Sizzelle store. I was planning to write a post about it so I got researching. Immediately I discovered that I could dye my hair jet black with henna and Indigo, I ordered it asap! Unfortunately, it was out of stock at the Sizzelle store so crossed over to Olori and placed my order. In two hours, my Indigo arrived! Now, it was time to learn how to use it properly.

Of course, the first place I went to was YouTube. I watched several videos. Each one of them telling me that I had to henna first (this took about 4 hours) before using indigo (another 4 hours). So, altogether, with deep conditioning, about 9 hours in total. NO. NO BUENO. There had to be a way around it. So, I kept looking until I saw another video was a one-step application method and I thought, Oh! Finally! Unfortunately, she got brown hair and not black because her strands were gray. Later on, I found out that you can achieve different results with henna and indigo.

Enter hennaforhair.com

My research led me further to this site – a one-stop shop for everything henna! I cannot believe I’m just reading about it. It’s just there debunking all the myths you possibly have about henna in its entirety. Of course, everything is well explained and categorized. After reading a couple of ebooks – yes, they are available for free – I got the right method for dying my hair black. Thankfully, it did not require 9 hours. But before I went on to use my henna and indigo, I found something quite interesting.

Wash Day Chronicles: Henna & Indigo For Black Hair

Yes! All the colors you can achieve with henna, indigo and cassia. Best believe I will be trying cassia soon!

So, how did it go? I’ll tell you.

As usual, I got all my supplies together.



I applied my henna mix which I had left overnight to release the dye. This time, I stayed away from all my extra products (conditioner, honey & oils) that I usually apply. Apparently, they reduce the potency of the henna. So, I stuck to simply Apple Cider Vinegar which acted as the acidic liquid and water. I usually use 6 tsp of henna to avoid waste. When I was done, I wrapped my head in cling film and left it for four hours. I made sure I started as early as 8 in the morning. After four hours, I rinsed out and washed my hair a bit with some Gentelle conditioner to get rid of the henna completely. All this time, my hair was dry and stringy. I tried not to think too much about it since I was still going to deep condition. Meanwhile, my highlights were more pronounced and visible. I was so tempted to stop here but I wanted black hair so I went ahead.


Before I rinsed out my henna, I mixed 6 tsp of Indigo powder with tap water. Can I just say that I absolutely hated the smell of Indigo? I literally couldn’t stand it. Plus, it wasn’t as creamy and easy to work with like henna. It made a mess but I had been warned so I didn’t take it personal. Indigo doesn’t need to release any dye so it doesn’t need to be soaked. I contemplated using Indigo without henna but apparently, I would have blue hair. I think I would do a strand test first. I left the Indigo mix in hair for about two hours covered in a cling film because it stains like hell. I kept an old t-shirt nearby to clean up the drips. After about two hours which did not want to end, I took down the cling film. The Indigo was previously green in colour had turned black. I was getting really excited. I thought my hair would out exactly like that. LOL. Not really!

What happened?

I rinsed out the Indigo which was surprisingly easy to rinse out, lo and behold, my highlights were still slightly visible. I was a bit disappointed but I learned that the Indigo will darken over the next two days so I remained hopeful. So, I went on to deep condition, moisturize,seal and put my hair in pigtails. I was too tired to use heat so I just wore a shower cap and left for about an hour. Of course, streaks of indigo were still visible when I rinsed out but that didn’t bother me too much.

Major takeaway

My hair is still not as dark as I want it and this means I would have to do another henna/indigo in the next four-six weeks. I used about 50g out of 100g so I hope that works.

Also, I think soaking the henna overnight defeats the whole purpose. There’s no point allowing it to release dye when you’re still going to cover it up with indigo. So, next time, I won’t be soaking my henna. I’ll use it like that as a gloss and compare the results.

This is the longest wash day EVER! I was incredibly exhausted when I was done. Maybe next time, I should spread it over two days.

I recorded everything on my Instastories which has disappeared by now but watch this video to explain how it all when down.

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  1. I think the hair is black enough. Your curls r popping. I do this treatment a lot and it made my strands softer and beautiful.

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