My healthy hair and skin secret

As you know, I am trying to tow the natural path. For my hair and body, I use African black soap popularly called ose dudu in Yoruba. I started using this around October 2013.

Fast forward six months later I have a fair glowing skin. It’s clear, soft & smooth. My class mates have been commenting about how smooth and clear my skin is. When I got home after the semester, my brother asked me if I was bleaching or toning my skin. I also didn’t know that I’d gotten fairer until it was pointed out to me.
So I’ve decided to share this my trusted secret with you. I was introduced to its benefits while reading a blog: the funny thing is that it wasn’t even a Nigerian or African blog.
Secondly, I use my DIY whipped shea butter to moisturize my skin. It is best used immediately after a bath. After towel drying, apply it so that it absorbs into your skin. The combination of using black soap for your bath and using whipped shea butter is just heavenly!!!

For my hair, I have tried using black soap (the raw one) to wash it and my hair was very soft even without using a conditioner. You can’t imagine how soft it was. I also use this same whipped shea butter to seal in moisture after moisturizing my hair and it stays moisturized  longer.

My recipe

Shea butter   –     400 ml melted

Coconut oil    –     130 ml

Olive oil           –     130 ml

Castor oil        –   20 ml

Hemp seed oil  – 20 ml

Tea tree oil     –    5 drops

Lavender oil    – 10 drops

I simply mix them together using a cake mixer.

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