Harmattan skin care: Making the most of your body lotions.

The weather here in Nigeria has been quite annoying especially on those days when there’s a need to rush out. You hurriedly apply your lotion and run out, you get out of the cab and realize how white/ashy your hands or feet are. That clearly can be annoying. To be honest, I think a body butter would be great for this season but since that option isn’t available for me for now, I have to make do with the lotion I purchased at my local store a while back.

With the dry feeling this weather brings, your regular lotion won’t do anything to protect your skin! It will only accentuate the feeling of dryness after your skin absorbs it. To help retain moisture even better on my skin especially for this harmattan, I’ve amped up my ‘bleh’ lotion which does absolutely nothing for my skin in this weather. I add a good measure of coconut oil, olive oil and a few drops of lavender essential oil.


I may be adding some aloe vera gel to it subsequently and even after this season is over, I intend to keep modifying my lotion. The amped-up lotion isn’t absolutely perfect: I still have to coat my skin more than once to keep it from getting ashy after a couple of minutes but it sure beats the original! I bet I won’t be buying another tub of body lotion: I would rather opt for body butters with more benefits for my skin.

I really haven’t been one to be particular about taking care of my skin but this little step is a good one in the right direction. Hopefully, I will pay more attention to taking care of my skin henceforth. I also hope I can incorporate more facials and body scrubs into my renewed skin regimen.

Side-note: I was blog-surfing in the wee hours of the  night and I discovered Love, Ifeyinwa, (a personal blog with a bit of everything) and her skin is absolutely amazing, it glows! LOL. My skin better be dazzling at the end of the year!

Here’s to

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a renewed skin regimen.

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