Happy wigging 2016

Hi!Hi!Hi! Long time no see. πŸ™‚

I have a new regimen plan for 2016: wigging!

Confession: I have a terrible hands-in-hair addiction! Plus in the last three years, I have hardly done any protective styles. This year, I have decided to do something completely different with my hair: MANIPULATE IT LESS. Manipulation has a direct relationship with hair breakage. The more you manipulate your hair, the more breakage you experience. This is especially true for our Black/African hair.

To achieve less manipulation, I do cornrows first. With this, I have no access whatsoever to my hair. I prefer not to go out with the cornrows so I wear a wig on top of this.

To start with, I purchased two wigs from a Nigerian-based company: Hair by type 4. One was custom-made and the other ready-to-wear. They both have lace closures. You can contact the owner (Lade) by sending an email to hairbytype4@gmail.com.


What are your hair regimen plans for this year?


Dr Fomsky

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