Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!!! You’re officially in 2015… It promises to be an amazing year… It could be an opportunity for a fresh start or continuity of what started in 2014 but let’s just strive to make the most of it… No pressure to start of with wish-lists that wouldn’t make it past the first few weeks of January or the “New Year, New Me” mantra, let it be New Year, Better Me…

Happy New Year
Happy New Year

It’s 2015, a year laden with opportunities, fears, hopes but try your best to take hold of every opportunity that comes your way. Be a blessing to someone that can’t pay you back. Give without expecting it back. Love like it was going out of fashion and most importantly, be yourself, love yourself… Self-love does go a long way.

It’s a New Year, sometimes you’d find yourself happy, other times you’d feel scared but through it all, the end will be amazing… It will be an awesome New Year!

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And so on behalf of the Sizzelle team, have an amazing New Year, filled with God’s blessings, favour and grace! God bless you!!!

P.S: Guess whose birthday is on the 14th?? Yep, it’s Tunrie’s!


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