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My Hair Journey

My name is Loretter and I’m a newly graduated medical doctor born, bred and residing in Port Harcourt and this is my hair story. I began my hair journey on 25th February 2013 with damaged, thinning, uneven hair. The longest my hair has ever been was APL and that was way back in secondary school when my mom used to relax and condition my hair (of course I didn’t have a good knowledge of what she was doing but my hair was long and looked healthy) and I had not started using weaves and getting tight braids. However towards senior secondary school, my hair began to dwindle and it became worse when I started medical school. Thanks to medical school, I didn’t have time for my hair or more like I just ignored the hair. When I went for my Community Health rural posting in my final year, my roommate talked about a house officer who said she was on a hair journey and how her hair had grown & the products she used. When we came back in February, during one of the ward rounds, I saw this girl’s hair and I couldn’t believe it! She had Bra-strap (BSL) or more like Mid-back length (MBL) thick and healthy hair. I didn’t need more conviction and that’s how I began.
This is my starting picture (Feb 2013). I never liked the way my hair looked before my hair journey so I didn’t like taking pictures of it but I managed to find this one. The picture beside it is where my hair was in June 2013 after a touch up. It shows my 4 month progress.

Loretter's hair journey before and after
I know I’m still learning and still trying to find my staple products while ruling out some others but I’m really glad that I can see progress. Getting some products was very difficult until I found Sizzelle and
Sizzling mommy blog accidentally over the internet while searching for hair journey inspirations and hair care blogs. Even though I couldn’t afford some of the hair products I wanted, I was able to see a change in my hair from the ones I could pick. I really appreciate her for the hair advise she gave me and good customer service and relationship. Thanks Dr Fomsky!

This is a picture of my hair taken on June 27th) after a fresh relaxer and for once I was confident to rock my hair out without attaching weaves!

Loretter's hair journey pic 8

Here are more pictures I could find. These were taken after my June relaxer day (precisely 27th). I noticed that my ends are uneven and I’m not sure if they grow that way or are as a result of the damage since I’ve never had a trim and didn’t have one before I began.

Loretter's hair journey pic 6 Loretter's hair journey pic 7
This next picture was taken on 01/06/2013. I was 16 weeks post-relaxer and I had just co-washed and was air drying my hair. I was already beginning to see thickness in my hair.

Loretter's hair journey pic 3

I’m still pretty young in the hair journey thing and don’t have a steady regimen yet but this is basically what I do when my hair is not in a sew-in

  1. Co-wash and black tea rinse weekly or fortnightly;
  2. Deep condition weekly or fortnightly ( depends on my schedule) plus Greenhouse effect (GHE);
  3. Protein treatment fortnightly or whenever I feel my hair needs it;
  4. Sleep in a satin scarf 90% of the time;
  5. Apply growth aids and oil my scalp every other day;
  6. Stretch my relaxers for 16 – 20weeks;
  7. Bun 70% of the time, in a sew-in 25%of the time and wear my hair out 5% of the time;
  8. Prepooing and Hot oil treatment are done when I feel up to it.
  9. I also keep a hair diary and calendar that’s how I have precise dates.

I know there are a lot more things for me to learn about hair care like; clarifying, ACV Rinses, split end protection, porosity control and many more. I’m looking into them from more experienced people and good hair blogs. I also know I need to be consistent and narrow down to my staple products ( still working on that).

My favourite protective style is to BUN..

Loretter's hair journey pic 2

Here is a picture of my hair products….( Yes I’m a product junkieee!!)

Loretter's hair journey pic 5 Loretter's hair journey pic 4

My hair is currently in a sew-in and I’m 7 weeks post-relaxer.

Loretter's hair journey pic 9
August 2013

I’m currently about 0.5-0.75 inches from Armpit length (APL) without stretching my hair but when I do stretch it I’m grazing APL. My next touch up will be in Nov-Dec. I’ll flat iron my hair for a better comparison and length check. For now this is my 6-month old hair journey and I hope it inspires someone.

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