Doing the greenhouse effect under your wig to retain moisture!

Many of us don’t like wigs, instead we braid or  sew wefts on our hairs…

But wigging is very efficient for some ladies especially mee.

I love wigs because when it’s hot and I get home I can remove it and for ladies with ‘hand in the hair syndrome’, it’s even better to wig..LOL

Some wigs are made with lace, others with a wig cap and these materials suck up moisture from our hair……….When I realized this I found a way to wear wigs and still keep my hair moisturized.

We all know the Greenhouse effect (GHE), where we wear shower caps or plastic bags over our hair, tie a scarf and sleep off to retain moisture….now I do the GHE when I wig too.

So my wig is not a U-part wig: it’s a full cap wig and this technique can only be done with a full cap.

 I put on a small shower cap and then wear my wig over this, making sure that the shower cap does not show on any side of the wig…….When I finally remove the wig at night, I seal the moisture with oil, tie my scarf and sleep off.

I’ve even used this method for deep treatment before on a work day! I  had treatments in my hair, wore a small polythene bag and wore my wig 🙂

Ladies, please don’t tell your mischievous friends ’cause they might embarrass you! LOL

So the next time you want to wig, try doing the GHE effect too and retain moisture even in the day time.

Have fun wigging!

greenhouse effect under wig

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  1. I am on a 6 month wig regimen to grow my hair. I install my weave-on on a wig cap by myself. Wigging help me do all the deep conditioning, moisturising and sealing, i have however been afraid for my edges because i use a stocking wig cap. I will adopt this method to make sure my hair and edges retain moisture till i get a silk or satin wig cap. thanks for the helpful info

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