Gentelle Hair Fruits Coconut Smooth Conditioner (Review)

I was at the store yesterday to replenish my stash. Of course, when I got to the hair section, I reached out for my favourite VO5 conditioner but realised that the price had conveniently doubled. This meant that I couldn’t buy two bottles as I intended to. So, I picked one and looked around for a cheaper alternative. I saw the rebranded Gentelle Hair Fruits Coconut Smooth Conditioner and figured, what could possibly go wrong? So, I picked one bottle of that too. The two bottles would be enough to sustain me for the next three months.

Here’s how I used it..

Earlier in the day, I took down my mini twists because I noticed that the weather was changing and my hair was unnaturally dry. This meant one thing; harmattan is here and my regimen needed to be adjusted asap! So, I detangled my hair with a mixture of African Naturalistas Leave-in and water in my spray bottle and put my hair in a puff.

Then I rushed to the store, bought the conditioners and fixed up a quick deep conditioner. Remember my horrible experience with Cantu Intensive Repair Hair Treatment? Well, I still had one and a half sachets left so I mixed the half with plenty of Gentelle Hair Fruits and left it in my hair about two hours. I had other things to do.

When I was ready, I rinsed out and co-washed with the same conditioner. I wanted to judge the effects it had on my hair.


How was it?

The only good thing about it is that it has decent slip. Really that’s all. It did nothing for my hair. Of course, it’s not as thick or moisturizing as Vo5 conditioners and frankly I wasn’t really expecting it to be. I was not too disappointed. In this economy, it is the perfect co-wash conditioner. I would need to incorporate more hot oil treatments and oil rinses before using it and my hair will be fine. Other than that, it has a really nice coconut fragrance that isn’t too overwhelming and doesn’t linger. Plus, the bottle is perfect as I can use generous amounts at a time.


It’s a decent conditioner and it is readily avaliable. If you want to use it for anything other than co-washing, I would advise that you mix it with other products or ingredients like oils.


Rating: 4 stars 2

Where to buy? Local supermarket.


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