Hi Sizzelle Town! Sorry I’ve been MIA for a while, it’s been a really crazy month but I’m back now and oh so ready to write up a storm for ya’ll. The request for a weight loss post, could not have come at a better time.

A friend recently introduced me to this “Detox Tea” specifically the “IASO DETOX TEA” and I am on that band wagon!!!!!


I tried out the tea for a week and I was hooked. I wasn’t aiming for major weight loss, just to get rid of that bloated feeling and drop an inch or 2 around the waist and this tea really met my expectations. While I was drinking it, I felt so good; I was sleeping better, the bloating was gone, I went to the bathroom regularly and best of all I went down 1 inch around my waist…whoop whoop *party hat*. It was amazing….I’ve decided to detox everyday throughout the month of November…..don’t fret I’ve researched it and it’s safe to drink the tea every day because its 100% organic!!!!

So for those of you who want to drop some weight, get rid of bloating, re-balance your body and generally feel great…the IASO TEA is the way to go!

With or without exercise you are guaranteed to lose major weight, look fabulous and feel fabulous. Have a look at my friend (Tracy’s) before and after pics.

Skin on Fleek!
Hello to Healthy
Hello to Healthy









Is your mouth hanging open? lol….mine was too…this stuff is pretty amazing (19kg in 63 days!) and do you know what, it’s an adaptogen so slim people who just want to detox don’t need to fear getting so skinny they disappear because the tea adapts to your body….so you may not lose weight but your whole body will be re-balanced. Other testimonials from various people include; sleeping better, having better appetite which means your metabolism is working right, regular bowel movement, radiant skin, better sex and a general feeling of good health.

If you want to join me on this detox challenge, let me know in the comments below……I am so excited to see all your results and will def be posting mine because I’m expecting to look great at the end of November.

As always kisses :*

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    1. Hi Debbie. The testimonials on this product are phenomenal so you are in for a journey! The company has not opened up in Nigeria so no its not readily available on the market but you could buy it online (www.totallifechanges.com/hellotohealthy) or through a distributor. I recommend buying through a distributor because delivery to Nigeria could take as long as 1 month and that’s crazy.

    1. Hi Lola, from my personal experience and the testimonials I’ve seen and heard I would definitely say you should give it a shot. The tea and other TLC products really work :). If you have any more questions call 08181556842

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