Styling Adventures: Flexi Rod Set on natural hair


1-Flexirod set1


For a while now, cornrows have been my go-to protective style. After wash day, I cornrow my hair in two sections for a whole week whilst co-washing and moisturizing in between. On days I have to go out, I just add extensions to my ends in form of ponytails and I’m good to go.

For some reasons I got bored and decided to try something new. My flexi-rods were randomly hanging around when the idea stuck.

I flew into the shower and quickly co-washed my hair with my cheapie conditioner which I’ve mixed with Amla oil.



Products used

I decided not to use so many products to avoid Build-up AND Over weighing the hair (which might reduce the chances of definition). And I was right! Those few products I used were perfect!



1-Flexirod set


After co-washing,

  • On damp hair, I saturated my hair with little quantities of the leave-in and coconut oil. After which, I finished up with my aloe vera gel which I was a bit skeptical about because it was my first time. All I knew was that a little went a long way. Assembled the flexi-rods and started rolling until I was done. The whole process didn’t even take up to one hour. In about 15-20 minutes, I was done. Now, this is what I’m talking about! I absolutely detest styles that take hours to make. That’s why I hardly twist my hair. Who knows? This could be my new go-to style!
  • I did this at 5pm on Saturday night. Didn’t bother to cover it with my satin bonnet so that I could speed up the drying process. It was surprisingly comfortable to sleep in even though I tried to avoid sleeping on it.
  • The next Sunday morning, by time I was done with my makeup for Church, I began unraveling the rods carefully and believe me when I say that I was pleasantly surprised and impressed. Unfortunately, that was short-lived. I was in a hurry and got lost in between so I just did the first thing that came to my mind:  loosen the curls and pack it up in a updo. I was done in seconds and I went off to Church.



  1. As I mentioned earlier, little quantities of products go a long way.
  2. For best results, your hair needs to be absolutely dried before taking out the rods. Don’t be like me. Start early leaving more than enough time to dry.
  3. I also noticed that this style works better on stretched hair. Whatever method you use, just make sure it’s stretched prior to time. My hair was co-washed in cornrows so it was a bit stretched.

The flexi-rod set will definitely become a staple! Did I mention how easy it is?

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