First Wash Day Of The Year {eBunite}


It was only right to start the first wash day of the year with henna – which has become a monthly routine.

The Process.

– The night before, I brewed some Hibiscus tea and mixed it with some Godrej Nupur Henna which contains 9 other herbs. After which, I left it overnight to release some dye which it didn’t. I love my hibiscus highlights nonetheless. I also noticed that this particular brand of henna doesn’t release dye or change color. I guess it’s the effect of the other mixed herbs.

– The next morning, I sectioned my hair into four and applied the henna all through and covered with plastic bag, shower cap and beanie. For the first time ever, there were no leftovers. After which I left it for 4 hours. With regular henna application, the tendency of stains reduce. You could find your way around without necessarily soiling the whole place.

– After about 4 hours 30 minutes, I rinsed out the henna and shampooed with African Naturalistas Black Shampoo, conditioned with African Naturalistas Moisturizing and Detangling Conditioner and oil rinsed with Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO). I absolutely love the effects of oil rinsing on my hair so much that it has become a staple.

– Subsequently, I blotted my hair with my tee-shirt and applied honey and EVOO as my moisture deep conditioner. This honey-EVOO mix would be alternated with ghee on my next wash. I left this for about 2 hours before rinsing out.

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– After which, I moisturized with my Liquid-oil-cream (LOC) method which consists of African Naturalistas Leave-in conditioner, Coconut oil and whipped shea butter. Ended up my wash day by ‘cornrowing’ my hair!


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