First impressions: Eve’s Nature handmade soaps

As much as I love to support Nigerian brands especially the skin care lines popping left, right and centre, I’m always hesitant to patronise them because I make most of these things myself for next to nothing. So, when I see a ridiculous price tag, it puts me off. But once in a while, I see some products that are reasonably priced or as the case maybe massively slashed, I can’t help but reach for my debit card.


I stumbled on Eve’s Nature through Natural Nigerian. Apparently, there was a massive sale going on for about 3 weeks in January. So, I decided to check them out. Of course, the price slash was enough incentive to patronise them. Also, I liked the idea of handmade, all natural soaps with familiar ingredients. Before I knew it, I had ordered 5 different varieties of Eve’s Nature soap with funny names.
Astonishing Anti-aging Turmeric Soap
– Damaged Skin Repair Tomato Soap
– Skin Glow Papaya Soap
– Age-defying Jamaican Butter Soap
– Skin Renewal Carrot Soap

Customer service was excellent. I ordered via the website with no hassle and my goods were delivered the next day. That’s an A+ from me. Best believe some people are still struggling with prompt delivery services. So, it’s refreshing to see same day/next day deliveries.

The soaps are decently packaged with direct and clear directions. Although, they could improve on their branding. For an emerging brand, which I assume they are, it’s fair.

I’ve used the Skin Renewal Carrot Soap and the only thing I can say for now is that, it’s incredibly moisturizing. I don’t think I can give a full review until I’m done with all of them. It’s good to see that there are no chemicals of any kind.

So, for first impressions, it’s a 4/5.

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