First Ayurvedic Hair Treat!! Finally!!

Finally!!!!! All those weeks of scribbling recipes for my ayurvedic treats paid off. After I finally unravelled my yarn wraps. Boy, I couldn’t wait to finallly finallly slather mud on my hair. Good ole nutritious, fortifying, cleansing mud. Woohoo!
Truthfully, I wasn’t this excited when I started oooo: they closed down major roads in Abuja and it was kinda frustrating navigating through the town. I was mildly pissed so my ayurvedic treat was my special treat to myself at the end of the day. And boy did I wish, I had chosen a more appropriate time than 8pm at night to start. The whole cleansing period took approximately 3 hours. -___-

Great timing Tunrie. Okay, rewind back to the point where I wasn’t so tired. I brought my amazing clays out to play. I couldn’t even decide which one I wanted to have in my mix since it was my first time trying them out and because they were all so promising, with amazing benefits. I did a bit more blog-surfing, basically because I wasn’t sure whether or not to deep condition after my ayurvedic treatment.

The mix – (which made me want to take fura -_-) I used a white plastic bowl and started out with the clays that were already open: approximately a tablespoon and half of amla and multanni mitti, and then I went on to the newer clays. Before that, I added a very healthy dollop of HONEY and proceeded to add brahmi, bringraj (very little), shikaikai and reetha.
Yes I decided to use all the clays I had: rookie problem solved!! I still wasn’t done yet cos’ I proceeded to add some aloe vera juice, castor oil, palm kernel oil, Hair Trigger growth oil and 5 drops of lavender essential oil. Phew!
I was ready to give my hair all the love she needed. I added a little bit of warm water to mix my treat with a plastic spoon but I had to get my hands dirty to really mix it smoothly. In the end, it had the consistency of a slightly watered down custard. Did I hear someone say newbie? LOL.

Ayurveda mix for hair

Colour & Smell – The clays had varying earthy colours: the amla was the darkest and the reetha looked pinkish. The others had beige-ish hues, and as expected, they smelled so earthy. From the way they smelt, I just knew that if the herbs were infused in water, they would make a really bitter drink!! Yes, that’s the Yoruba girl in me.

Application – I had 4 snag-free ribbons ready and my spritz bottle (way diluted). Next, I sectioned my hair into 4 and got my hands dirty since I had no applicator brush. I did like the way the mud felt in my hair: it weighed my hair down enough for it to look like a 3C hair type. If only I could go around with mud in my hair!?
I ‘spritzed’ each section with my watered down mix before applying the mud on my hair and I massaged my scalp as well. In all, I left a very messy basin. I covered my hair with a plastic bag and my shower cap and waited for about 45 minutes.

Results – While rinsing off, I did expect some lather as the shikaikai and reetha clays ought to lather but I figure that I had too many clays in the mix and quite inadequate measurements. The rinse-off was kinda messy, but not horribly so. My hair felt well cleansed and not stripped at all. It was shiny and really ‘alive-looking’. I hope that makes sense. I really didn’t want to deep condition afterwards but the newbie in me played it safe.

Ayurveda after-math

Fast forward – Another 30 minutes with a mix of Queen Helene’s Cholesterol and some aloe vera gel, another rinse out, then my regular LOC (liquid-oil-cream) method of applying Cantu leave-in repair cream and my blend of oil to seal and finally threading my hair to keep it from impending disaster the next morning. I was left a very tired Tunrie!! BUT my hair felt gooood! Woohoo!

Results after Ayurveda treatment

Threading natural hair

Resolutions – Yay! Ayurveda!
Hence forth, I will incorporate the clays into my treats singularly or at most two clays per treat, but my newbie first try-out was a success!!!
Henceforth, I will also not bother to deep condition after my ayurvedic treats as the clays could be quite conditioning in themselves but I would rather use a trustworthy rinse-out conditioner to aid my rinsing the clay mix out and save me precious minutes of waiting for the deep conditioner to do its job!

Woohoo! Please share your ayurvedic recipes with me. See ya!

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