FAQs Friday – How can I thicken my relaxed hair?

Q: I try to be an ardent reader of your posts as you have relaxed hair like mine. I’ve seen improvement in terms of length of my hair but I can’t say the same for the fullness/density. So what do I do/use to increase the fullness of my hair? Thank you.

Answer: Hi. Hair thickness is based on i) the number of hair strands you have on your scalp and ii) the diameter of each hair strand. These factors are usually genetically pre-determined but there are things we can try to do. I have also been working hard on thickening my relaxed hair (still a work in progress) but I advise the following:

  1. Use normal strength relaxers to prevent your hair from getting over processed. Over processed hair tends to be thinner in diameter.
  2. Try not to keep your relaxer for more than 20 minutes. This will not allow the relaxer to over straighten your hair. However, note that your hair will not be as straight as when you relax it fully. Rollersetting will help make it straighter.
  3. Protect previously relaxed hair. Apply vaseline or castor oil. I prefer vaseline. This layer of protection helps prevent the relaxer from ‘re-processing’ previously relaxed hair.
  4. Stretch between relaxer touch-ups. Don’t relax your hair earlier than 8 weeks. If you can go 12 weeks, that is even better. However, don’t stretch for longer than you can handle because this also causes breakage!
  5. Use scalp treatments that help reduce hair thinning. E.g essential oils and Jamaican black castor oil. These help to increase density of hair strands if the cause of your scanty hair is as a result of hair thinning out on your scalp.
  6. Use protein conditioners. These help strengthen and thicken the hair strand. Please  feel free to ask questions about the use of protein conditioners, if you have any!Read more
  7. Use deep conditioners or leave-in conditioners containing panthenol. This helps thicken the hair strand a little. Most of the ORS conditioners contain panthenol.
  8. Prepoo with coconut oil. Coconut oil helps the hair preserve its protein content.
  9. Opt for Sulfate-free shampoos. Shampoos with sodium lauryl sulphate are believed to contribute to hair thinning with longterm use.
  10. Try hair supplements. 

This list is not exhaustive!! Do you have other tips that have helped thicken your relaxed hair?


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