Facts About Epsom Salts


Sometime ago, I spotted Epsom salts on one of the counters in a store. I knew I had seen/heard of it somewhere. I wasn’t just sure so I googled it. I loved what I saw and I immediately decided to incorporate it into my regimen…..until a few months ago.

According to epsomsaltscouncil.org, it’s made up of the combination of two major mineral components-magnesium and sulphate which can help improve the body and health in numerous ways.

This seemingly unimportant product has been proved to increase the body levels of both magnesium – which helps to keep the enzyme activity in check – and sulphate – which plays an important role of the formation of brain tissues and joint proteins. [source: How Stuff Works.]

Epsom salts bath treatments is probably the most common use followed closely by foot soaks, splinter removal, skin exfoliation and summer ailments.

When magnesium sulphate is absorbed into the skin, they particularly help in drawing out toxins from the body, sedating the nervous system and relaxing the muscles. [source: Care 2 Make A Difference]

Okay enough of all the scientific gibberish.

I bought some Epsom salts first of all, to satisfy my curiosity and to replace my baking soda. I was getting bored and needed to try new things. After reading up on all its goodness, I thought I had found my holy grail!


The particles were quite large and glassy compared to minute baking soda and so, it was rather difficult to exfoliate smoothly. After two trials, I stopped and used the remaining for my bath and foot soak.

I probably wasn’t comfortable with it on my face but that doesn’t overrule the efficiency of the salt in general so you might actually have a different experience from me. Try it and let me know your experience. Plus it’s ridiculously cheap!

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  1. I heard about epsom salt years ago but never really cared to use it and I m amazed at what it can do health wise. Could you tell me where to get it.I will appreciate it greatly.

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