Ebun’s wash day chronicles: Bentonite clay

I took down my marley twists after four weeks as opposed to the six weeks which I had previously planned. I had recently bought some bentonite clay and I could not wait to use it on my hair.

The first thing I did was to detangle with African Naturalistas Moisturizing and Detangling Conditioner. As always detangling was blissful. I was also glad that I didn’t lose too much hair.


Next, I made my bentonite clay paste which consisted of:
Apple cider vinegar
Aloe vera juice
Coconut oil
Lavender essential oil


I mixed all of my ingredients to make a paste which was a tad lumpy and applied it to my hair. After this, I covered my hair with a shower cap and satin bonnet and I went ahead with my business. An hour later, I rinsed out with cold water. Can I just say that I absolutely loved the results?


My hair was squeaky clean, soft, moisturized and well-defined. My 4a coils were literally popping. I knew I could get used to this every wash day. So, I finished up with a chamomile and black tea rinse. After which I moisturized with the LOC method using Profectiv Mega Growth Daily Leave-in Strengthener, my oil mix and whipped shea butter.

This is easily one of my favorite wash days in long while.

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  1. I had 4 big French braids aka didi done cos I was experiencing too much shedding. I had protein treatments back to back and on a drug that the doc says cld cos hair loss. So not sure which is tha culprit, I was already almost on BSL so this is a huge set back. I’ve trimmed off about 3″ and plan to get a wig soonest but will do crotchet braids next weekend. If the shedding continues, I’ll probably wait it out till drugs end and cut a bob and start again. So sad.?

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