Ebun’s first wash & go + 2nd hairniversary!

On Christmas eve, my hair turned two. I’d previously been thinking of how to celebrate this landmark but laziness got the better part of me. I wanted to visit a (natural hair) salon for the first time in two years but then I realised I didn’t have any occasion for a fancy hairstyle. So, I dropped my plans in the end.

Eventually, I settled for a wash and go which I had never tried before. I figured I could wear it through Christmas before installing a protective style. After watching a few videos, I was armed and ready to proceed (wash and gos require just conditioner, leave-in and gel by the way).

This was the result.


It was perfect! The photo doesn’t even do justice to it. My 4a curls were flourishing! I know there’s a (mis)conception that wash & gos don’t work for some hair types. I guess that was reason I stayed away all that time.

Next, I had to figure out a way to maintain it. As usual, I visited some blogs and got a few tips. At night, I pineappled it under my satin bonnet. After about two days, I got bored and twisted my hair. I’m looking forward to trying it again. About two months ago, I did a length check and I loved the results.


It meant that I’ve been able to retain length even though my front hair is rather stagnant. Best believe, I’m giving my nape hair all the TLC it needs.

One of the major lessons I’ve learnt in the past year is majorly on having realistic expectations. Now that I’m more knowledgeable about my hair, I’m careful not to expect too much or compare myself with others. Before hailing someone’s hair as ‘goals’, I think about the similarities between our hair textures and whether or not it is actually goals and I’m just deceiving myself.

This new year, I’m focusing more on protective styling and I can’t wait to explore.

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