Ebunite’s NITC14 mini haul

Another Naturals in The City(NITC) has come and gone. I was particularly looking forward to this one because I had run out of essential oils and seeing as the exchange rates have plummeted, I figured I could save some money by purchasing directly from the vendors.

1. Jamaican Black Castor Oil -N2,600
I’ve never used JBCO before now because I haven’t had any desperate reasons to. I do not particularly suffer from any hair issues so my store-bought cold-pressed Castor oil has been serving me just fine. This time, I decided to see what it is about. I honestly hope I’m not disappointed.

2. Natural Nigerian Raw Black Soap – N1,500
I’ve used raw black soap before but I didn’t get the satisfaction I sought. So, here I am again trying my hands on another variation and I love it already! Best thing? It is mixed with shea butter so dryness is out of the question.

3. Natural Nigerian Rosemary Oil – N1,800
This has fast become a staple and I needed to replace it. Problem is, I’m so heavy-handed with it so it finishes quickly.

4. Natural Nigerian Tea Tree Oil – N1,900
Another staple that needed to be replaced. I particularly love this with my deodorant.

5. Mini Spray bottle – N300
I’ve never really had a spray bottle. I always used a makeshift one. So, this was an opportunity to purchase one. It was cheap too.

6. DenTrust 3 – Sided Cleaning Toothbrush – N700
This isn’t your regular toothbrush. It has three sides as opposed to the regular one side. I can’t wait to use it. I hope it makes a lot of difference.

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