DIY: How to make Rice Flour/Powder

Just the other day, as I was strolling through my Instagram feed, I came across this really awesome recipe. It involved rice flour and turmeric. Of course, my interest was piqued. So, I quickly read upon rice flour and discovered how incredibly easy it is to make. Of course, I was just about to order from them but this discovery alone has saved me some cash. Moral of the story: Before you buy anything, make sure you’ve tried your hands on it. You might never know, it can be as easy as making rice flour.

The best thing about making rice flour is that you only need two things – raw rice and water.

So, the first thing I did was to take half cup of rice from the store. This turned out to be too much that I eventually threw some away. This, of course didn’t sit well with my mum given the current economic situation. Ideally, you just need a few spoons of rice especially if it’s your first time. Next, I put the rice in a bowl and covered it with enough water and left it for about 3-5 hours. The longer it soaks, the better. When I was ready, I drained the excess rice water. After this, I took a clean white handkerchief, spread the rice over it and left it for about 20 minutes. The handkerchief or muslin cloth absorbs the excess water. When you’re done with that, then you’re ready to blend.

You know that dry blender/ mill that comes with a blender. Yes? That’s what you need to blend the rice into powder. You will need to blend several times to get it smooth enough. When you’re done, you can sieve out the large particles. Don’t forget to store the powder in a ziploc bag to preserve it.

Now, rice flour has tons of beauty benefits as you can imagine. The best thing for you to do is to find what works for you. So far, I’ve used mine in two ways – as a face mask and an additive to my turmeric black soap.

The first thing I did was to mix a face mask with turmeric and honey. I let this mask sit on my face for about an hour. When I was ready to rinse out, I noticed that the rice still had tiny particles and it wasn’t particularly easy to rinse out. With the particles, it served as a perfect exfoliator and I used the opportunity to gently exfoliate my face and rinsed out when I was done.

The second time, I added some to my turmeric black soap, allowed it to cure for about two weeks before using it. Of course, it also doubled as an exfoliating soap which makes it even better.

There you have it! Easy peasy!

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