DIY: How To Make Tigernut Milk

The transition to a healthy natural lifestyle is a gradual one. It’s not something you can do overnight especially with a Nigerian family in a Nigerian society. It’s fairly easier when you live alone but when you live with your family, it’s a slower process. Shedding off old practices can take a long time.

During the last NITC (see why you should attend?), I met a kindred spirit at my station. In fact, I met her through my partner. For obvious reasons, we couldn’t leave our station but this lady was gracious enough to sit with us and keep us company. One thing led to another and before we knew it, we were opening up to each other. One thing about NITC is that it brings people who aspire to live as naturally as possible together. Sometimes, you might meet people who are beginners, other times, you meet those that have been in it even before the awareness began. My new friend belonged to the latter category.

Tigernuts have been on my mind for a while now. I knew it was one of those cheaper alternatives to processed food. I just did not follow through.(laziness) but when my new friend mentioned how incredibly easy it was to make tigernut milk, I could not hold myself any longer. When I got home that day, I casually mentioned the awesomeness of tigernuts and my plans for it subsequently. Before I could think about where to get them, my dad came home the next day with some, albeit the wrong one.( I used it like that though) He struggled with the transition from frying to grilling. Surprise was an understatement. Of course, my friend had walked me through the process so I went straight into it.

What You Need

– Dry Tigernuts

– Water

– Blender

– Tea Filter/Strainer or Muslin cloth/White handkerchief

  • – Plastic bowls


Basic Method

  • – Soak some tigernuts in water for about 24hours
  • – Change the water and rinse the tigernuts. Get them ready to be blended.
  • – Depending on the quantity of tigernuts, blend them in a 1:2 ratio. ( that is 1 cup of tigernut and 2, 2 cups of water. You don’t wan’t it to be too watery)
  • – After blending, sieve the milk twice to completely remove the remnants. Dispose them thereafter.
  • – Store in a fridge and consume within four days.


See? Really easy.


-There are two types of tigernuts being sold by the mallams. Ask for the dry ones, they are more rich and nutritious.

  • – Don’t be like me. Try not to use too much water else you’ll get cereal milk. 


In a subsequent post, I’ll talk about all the goodness of tigernuts. So, watch out!

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