December 2014 Length Check {eBunite}


I just clocked one year of my natural hair journey a few weeks ago and it was only right to do a length check. At the beginning of 2014, I decided to retain as much length as I possibly could which led to a #NoCombChallenge. I don’t know where I got the funny idea that combing natural hair prevents growth but somehow I stuck to it all through. But by the end of the year, as I passed a comb through my hair without any resulting shed hair, I think I had a paradigm shift.

Alas! I could comb my hair without breakage. Lol.

Anyways, I detested the look and feel of combed natural hair! I particularly love the kinky feel of my uncombed hair plus I have mastered finger detangling so I have stopped combing my hair altogether. AGAIN.

To a large extent, I’m gratified with my first year results. It was a lot of work even if I say so myself. I took time out to study and tend to my hair like a newborn amidst trials and tribulations from left, right and center. I took risks – by dyeing it at the 6th month. I also tried a few new things, found what worked for me and stuck to it.

Yes, it has been quite an experience. Having said that, I think the first year of your natural hair journey is the most important year. It just somehow gets better and easier, not without responsibilities though. With more length comes more responsibilities.

All you really need is:

– A standard regimen
– Necessary products
– Low manipulation
– Protective styling

And you’ll be fine.

I can’t wait to write about my second year!

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