Tips for dealing with a sensitive scalp

Your scalp is sensitive to touch. It aches.

You’re dealing with dandruff and you burn badly from a relaxer touch up.

I suffer all of these things and I’m getting an upper hand at getting free from it so I’ll share some tips with you.

1. Accept that your scalp is soft and you should take very good care of it.

2. Before touch ups, apply petroleum jelly or any oil of your choice to protect your scalp from getting burnt.

3. Make sure you use a mild or gentle strength based conditioner…..never go for STRONG, it’s too harsh for your skin.

4. Neutralize the relaxer for 5 minutes with a neutralizing conditioner to remove all the relaxer from your scalp.

5. Clarify once a month to remove product build up and let your scalp breathe.

6. Coconut oil should always be in your stash.

7. If it gets so bad, go natural and be free from getting chemicals on your scalp that leave your scalp burnt.

8. Don’t make tight braids and weaves that give you a migraine.

I hope this helps someone.

© Copyright 2014 Patience Ugomma Ukam, All rights Reserved. Written For: Get your Sizzelle on!

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