What would you do if your daughter’s teacher made her hair?

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I was doing my daily dose of blog reading…I do this everyday….fitness, beauty and hair blogs are my faves…and I came across this story.  A teacher’s photo recently went viral on social media. A young girl came to school with tangled hair and lint balls and there teacher decided that she would comb the child’s hair and put it in plaits.

To top it all up, she posted the girl’s picture on Facebook with the following message:

“So one of my students came to school today with her hair full of knots, lint, and ridiculously tangled. It looked like it hadn’t been touched the entire holiday break…so my classroom became a salon. The photo on the left is before, and the right after. It just broke my heart so badly that I refused to let her leave school today the same way she came. When I finished she looked at herself and said “aww so pretty” … the beauty is that she is normally non-verbal. So now I’m crying lol. My day has been made!”

teacher makes girl hair


In my opinion, I don’t think that the teacher had any right to touch the girl’s hair without her mother’s consent. Even if her hair was not made. Yes. Even if her was not made. Secondly, she had no right to take the girl’s picture and put it on social media. It’s quite disrespectful and demeaning to the girl’s mom. No matter what. I’m a mom. You never know what was going on with her.

What do you think?

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  1. I saw this issue and apparently it was shared in a private group (black mommys). The child is a special needs child and wouldn’t sit still for her mum to do her hair so the mum wrote the teacher a note to please help which she did. You would notice the post stated that the child is usually non verbal.
    This puts the story in a whole different light I think. I’m sure the child’s mum would be glad in this case.

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