Cleansing the Scalp while Protective Styling.

Very often, we tend to completely ignore our scalp when we do protective styles and this can actually hinder your hair growth and your overall scalp health. Believe me, you don’t want this and this actually kind of defeats the purpose of protective styling.

Uhm, we do protective styling to protect our strands from the weather and maximize our hair growth while protective styling. So basically ignoring your hair and scalp while you have it braided or have a weave on is a NO-NO. This is because the scalp actually needs to breathe and a clean scalp means you have a place for your hair to thrive.

When I had my yarn twists in, I always tried to ensure that my scalp was a happy place, though I dreaded washing the length of the twists cos of the weight. I figured there must be another way to cleanse my scalp! Whoop! Well, depending on the type of protective styling you have on, you may be able to just wash out the length of it concentrating on your scalp.


WHAT TO USE: Apple Cider Vinegar/ Witch Hazel/ Methylated Spirit, Cotton Wool.

WHAT I DID: I have actually heard of ladies using methylated spirit with a ball of cotton wool to clean out their scalp while protective styling. I can’t attest to this but when I wanted cleaning my scalp I reached out to my trusty ACV and my cheapie cotton wool. So armed with these, I proceeded to do the cleansing though I diluted the ACV with a bit of water. Mum saw me fumbling to clean my scalp according to the sectioning of the twists and voluntarily offered to help me out so yay!! 10 minutes later, we were done. The ACV-soaked cotton balls weren’t brown or anything from the dirt on my scalp as my scalp wasn’t exactly dirty as my mum confirmed but I and my scalp felt a lot happier!

There’s a number of ways to get your scalp cleansed but I’d rather go for this somewhat ‘dry’ method that won’t get the length of my extensions wet.

How do you cleanse your scalp while protective styling??

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  1. Nice one. This is quite innovative of you- no need to go through the stress of washing extensions. However, I like dc’ing my hair while it’s in extensions considering how long I keep them in.

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