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Blow Drying Hair

The hair dryer is possibly the most popular and most used heat styling tool out there. Prior to my healthy hair journey, I used whatever dryer was available in the salon or in my immediate vicinity because they all do the same thing, don’t they? errrm yes and no. Yes they all dry hair, but no because I quickly learned that all hair dryers are not created equal. The difference between a healthy head of shiny, smooth, bouncy hair and dry, frizzy hair with shabby ends could very well be in the type of hair dryer being used. Yes think about that!

I’ve had my moments of no-heat styling for ages and moments of frequent heat styling, so for anyone out there who likes to use heat (like me), the right heat styling tools are a must.

What to look out for

What’s the power rating?

The higher the wattage, the hotter the hair dryer can go and in turn the faster the hair dries. A minimum of 1800W is recommended but let’s strike a balance – we don’t want heat so high we fry our hair! 😯

Ionic Technology?

An ionic hair dryer produces negative ions which break down water molecules and allow your hair dry faster. The faster the hair dries, the less time it is exposed to heat, the better for the health of the hair. It also reduces frizz which leads to smoother hair.

Is your dryer ceramic?

Ceramic dryers produce non-damaging infrared heat for gentle drying and also promote even radiation of heat for hair drying.

What about tourmaline?

Personally, I equate an ionic and ceramic dryer on steroids to a tourmaline dryer. This is because a tourmaline dryer produces both negative ions and infrared heat which not only causes hair to dry faster but also to retain moisture while doing so.

Although a hair dryer with all the above properties will be ideal, it may not be readily available or may be too costly for some people. Don’t despair, a dryer with only one or two properties will also be suitable, but knowing your hair needs is vital in determining which of the properties to prioritize. I recently upgraded from the Superdrug hair dryer to the salon professionals 2200W ionic and ceramic hair dryer by Tresemme, and oh my days I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner, my hair looks and feels so good! I can’t wait to try even better hair dryers when my time is up with this 😀

This image by the beauty department will assist you in choosing your dream blow dryer, taking into account your hair needs

Your Dream Blow Dryer
Your Hairs Dream Blow Dryer

Now that you have determined your dream dryer, I’ll leave you with the following Hair Drying Tips:

Pay attention to the process so as not to over-dry your hair. You don’t want dry, frizzy hair which is prone to breakage

Try not to blow dry soaking wet hair. 

Keep your hair dryer moving or use a diffuser for equal heat dispersion

Always use a heat protectant!

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