Letter from a transitioner

November 21, 2014

Letter: Many people had said it won’t be easy but I still started the journey anyway. The road has been kinda tough. First it was a battle of conditioners, this or this………now it’s choosing the best protective style that will keep my hair from breaking. I’m tempted to do a big chop real quick but I’m emotional about losing the length I have already grown. My  mum reminds me everyday that…


SUNDAY SOUND OUT: Tea rinses, Greenhouse effect and Aloe Vera

August 17, 2014

Q1: Hi. Please I would like to try the black tea rinse but I have some questions. Please how many weeks post-relaxer should I try it? Should I pre-poo as always? While moisturizing after the tea rinse, what should I use? A protein conditioner to deep condition or a moisturizing deep conditioner? My hair is shedding due to postpartum causes. Why you should do tea rinses for your hair A: Hi dear reader. You…


To mix or not to mix? Should I mix my protein conditioner with my moisturising conditioner?

August 1, 2014

I got this question from one of my dear readers about mixing her protein conditioner with her moisturising conditioner. It was quite interesting because I am working on a post where I describe my current deep conditioning mix. Related articles across the web Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner – Review Dear ZedHair, which products should I use for my hair? Part 4: Leave in Conditioners Dead Sea Salt Deep Hair Conditioner…