Capital Naturals 3: What Went Down.

So Capital Naturals 3 went down last Saturday and it went well. Tons of compliments flew around…lots of products were sold and good information was passed.

Well, I got there earlier than usual as I was to ‘man’ the swap table. I was excited initially but the heat slowly changed that. I saw the vendors troop in with their products and somehow, I foresaw those that wouldn’t make much of a sale and those that will… Yea. I see things. LOL.

Ladies of all hair types, kids, and even some men showed up at Baytown and it was quite eventful. I ended up being like an usher, getting people to register and providing them with a name tag. It was cool. And Natural Nigerian had makeup on…of course that’s an headline because she hardly ever does and I just couldn’t help but stare. Natural Mane was her usual funny self and Lumo Naturals was aite.

I’m mentioning them cos’ they were the organizers and somehow I wish Sizzelle had a table at the vendor’s canopy. I did a good job as an ambassador though. That’s what I’m trained in at least. Each of the organizers had brief talks sharing info with the ladies… it was interactive and fun. I was glad when Farida of Lumo Naturals called out as one of the stores to get stuff from yay!

I was a sweaty tired mess so I didn’t contribute much but I did flash lots of smiles, reassured ladies with new TWAs that they were rocking it well PLUS I gave some short lectures.

Sadly, I didn’t get pictures but I did get 2 products (Luster’s S Curl Moisturizer & a shampoo I gave to my friend, Elle). By the way, only 4 ladies, including me, brought stuff to swap.
However, I may organise random product swaps though. It was nice. I brought my cocoa butter and glycerin to the table and it was immediately snatched up!

And I got some whipped shea butter for the fun of it. Natural Nigerian gifted me a bottle of castor oil for my struggles and it was time to go home for me.

Somehow, there was no gra-gra to buy products for me. So yaay! I’m officially not a product junkie!!

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  1. I’m looking forward to your review on S-curl. I used it at the beginning of my hair journey. It did moisturise my hair but made it wet and a little sticky.

  2. No gragra to buy products? How did you manage that? Lol
    My head still spins when I’m surrounded by so many products!
    Yes to future product swaps! That’d be totally cool and easy to pull off x

    1. Loool. Truth is, my shelf is too choked with jars I haven’t even gone halfway through. I’m tired looool. Freebies are however welcome!! 😀

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