Here’s What You Should Know About Camwood

The first time I came across Camwood was on the Dudu Osun ingredient list. You probably would have seen it too. Also, I was curious about how Dudu Osun was being made so I was fascinated by the ingredient list.

Anyways, at the just concluded Naija Hair Can Grow Salon Day Out, I stumbled on Camwood by accident at the SpecialMe Organics stand and I didn’t hesitate to purchase it.

Okay. Now let’s educate ourselves a bit.

What you should know about camwood



What is Camwood?

Camwood, also known as African sandalwood, is a shrubby, leguminous, hard-wooded tree from central west Africa. This wood is of a very fine color, and is used to make knife handles and similar articles. In the Yoruba language, it is known as Osun.

Camwood powder is a red powder that comes from the heart or core of the Camwood tree after peeling the bark. It is used in beauty regimens for cleansing both the face and the whole body. It has skin glowing and rejuvenating properties. When combined with the Unrefined Black soap Powder, it offers excellent rejuvenation to the skin. The skin glows, fine lines & wrinkles are thinned out, dark spots and blackheads fade away. The after effects is immediate leaving your skin smooth, supple and glowing. The Camwood Powder is also loaded with natural skin soothing properties and provides excellent skin care enhancing qualities. It is used to relieve skin discoloration, pimples, eczema, wrinkles, acne, rashes. sun burn and premature aging.

Now, we know camwood is perfect for the skin. How then do we use it?

Of course, the best way to use it is to mix it with raw black soap to make a brightening soap. Also, it goes well with other ingredients so you can take it up a notch with turmeric, honey, coconut oil, e.t.c.. Another way you can use it is as a face mask alone like this or with other clays and powders.

The first thing I did was to make a camwood black soap which I’m currently using. As usual, it was mixed with lemon juice, honey and chamomile infused oil. Next, I’m going to be making a turmeric camwood soap.

Have you used camwood before?

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  1. I saw your picture meen your skin is daaam smooth I love your research, idea and. Everything. Pls where can I posibly get canwood, tumeric. White. Sugar and the oil I stays around ogun(mowe) / lagos state

    1. You can get the camwood from yoruba people dat sells traditional herbs or black soap in the market but i cant recall d name in yoruba.

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