Battle of the moisturizers (part 2)

A few months ago, I had published a post, Testing out different hair moisturizers. After using these moisturizers several times, I think I can now give you my opinion. I am sorry I didn’t end up trying the Cantu shea butter leave-in, for two reasons: it contains silicones which I try to avoid. Secondly, I gave it to a friend who had just turned natural. I have graded them from my least liked to my favourite.

  1. Darcy Botanicals Sweet Cocoa Bean Curl Smoothing Cream. Not moisturizing enough. 
  2. Darcy Botanicals Sweet Cocoa Bean Moisturizing Hair Whip. Not moisturizing enough. 
  3. Darcy Botanicals Herbal Leave-In Conditioning Spritz. Not a bad spray leave-in but not enough to make it want to buy it again. 
  4. Darcy Botanicals Coconut Lemongrass Transitioning Cream. Has excellent slip. Helped me detangle some serious knots in my hair but did not leave it feeling well conditioned.
  5. Pura Body naturals muru muru moisture milkI prefer this as a leave-in conditioner on wet hair. It has good slip and eases out combing.
  6. Jessicurl Too Shea! Extra Moisturizing Conditioner. Very moisturizing.
  7. Pura Body naturals sapote hair lotion. (My favourite hair moisturizer for NOW). Moisturizing and kept my hair soft and smooth.

After using these moisturisers, I have since tested two more. In my next battle of the moisturisers post, I will tell you the WINNER and why I like each one.


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  1. Hello dr fomsky,i have a question please? How best can I get my relaxed hair to become thicker/ fuller? There’s an improvement in the length but I can’t say the same for the density. Also what’s the best kind of shampoo/conditioner/ leave in conditioner to use for relaxed hair? Thank u.

    1. There are several options:
      1. Don’t relax your hair till it is completely straight. This involves not keeping the relaxer in your hair for more than 15 to 20 minutes. Your hair will be under processed but appear thicker. The only issue with this is that it may be difficult handling the under processed areas.
      2. Applying aids to treat hair thinning e.g essential oils and/or Jamaican black castor oil to your scalp regularly.
      3. Using protein-conditioners regularly.
      4. Using conditioners which contain panthenol can also help thicken the hair strands slightly.

  2. what can i do to make my front hair grow,
    it is really bad and my hair is light and weak
    i have decided to go all natural
    what can i apply to make d hair grow

    1. 1. There are several options to make your front hair grow:
      – essential oils (rosemary, thyme, cedar wood, lavender)
      – Jamaican black castor oil.

      2. To improve hair that is light and weak, you would need a protein conditioner. I recommend that you use ORS hair mayonnaise to deep condition your hair once a month and ORS olive oil hair masque every week. Over time, you will see an improvement in the condition of your hair. Between wash days, apply a hair moisturizer to your hair.

      Thank you

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